What isBenefitAll?

BenefitAll is a program, sponsored by SG & Associates, since 2007. Simply, it exists to facilitate the provision of resources to and where needed from where and when available, for humanitarian purposes. Working primarily through 501(c)3 non-profits and unlimited community members and resources, BenefitAll believes that ALL should enjoy the gift of giving and the pride and warmth felt when doing so. To that end, BenefitAll provides ways for volunteering by those who may normally be receiving; by those normally overlooked due to health, mobility or otherwise. When all are able to share/give, with each other, a natural sense of well-being and community is lifted and thrives.
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After countless efforts and engagements working with charities, the reality continued to display the lack of their abilities to serve all in need. Reasons included limited funds; limited volunteers; formation for a personal cause with little ability (or interest) to run a ‘business’ or dying out subsequently after founder loss; creation of self-egrandizing and narrow perspective; and many more.
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What has

The very best in serving human needs, on a daily basis, as it occurs, is often performed by those charities with the least amount of people and other resources. As a result, they tend to need the most and have the least time to outreach, fundraise, etc.
Conversely, often the larger and more visible charities dedicate large monies to their fundraising, outreach, facilities, salaries, etc. Ironically, they may be the least flexible and able to respond to dire needs in a given situation.
Additionally, it was observed that thousands of people ‘want’ to volunteer and participate but are not provided with opportunities that fit their lives. Many find themselves in need and are never given the opportunity to repay with what they might have… time or smiles or?? By just receiving, they miss the “joy of giving”, often leading to depression and more.
This dycotomy caused BenefitAll to consider a more ‘consolidated’ way to find and share resources among those most in need and least able to procure them… so that the true neediest may be better served.
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What does BenefitAll do differently?

BenefitAll focuses on need… not a charity. As such, it analyzes charities performing similar activities (via NTEE/Categories) in a given area; vets their performance; establishes contact, and begins to assess their needs to better serve community needs. It is normal that most of those attempting to provide similar services have similar needs. As with any ‘business’, if their needs can be aggregated with others, their ability to procure them increases via less cost/item; more people for service and backup; more synergy in fundraising, collections, and more. Appearing to run ‘smart’, not just with ‘heart’, is impressive and valuable when seeking support.
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What won’t
BenefitAll do?

BenefitAll will not align with charities formed to serve animals, ‘ideologies’, politics, or similar ‘non-essential’ humanitarian needs. Charities that do not pass the vetting process, yet offer positive humanitarian services, will be offered options to improve their ‘performance’.
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